Why we Love Dr. Johnson, and You Should Too!

Everyone can claim to be the best dentist in Waco, TX. But, when it comes to Dr. Johnson at Acre Wood Dental, we really do think he is the best! From his bedside manner and his joking personality, really no one compares. As an office, we came together to tell you why we love Dr. J and why you should too!

Loves to have fun at work

“Dr. Johnson is constantly playing jokes and pranks on people. Whether it is shooting water at us or jumping out from around a corner to scare you – he is always having fun. It makes the day go by faster and I look forward to coming to work to see what he is going to do that day!” – Megan

Dr. Johnson has created a work environment that is fun for his employees. Not that he will jump out and scare a patient, but he has been known to joke with a few. His greatest prank ever was on one of his patients. (Disclaimer: She is a close friend and the prank was her husband’s idea). Her husband came up with a great idea and Dr. Johnson was all in. She thought she was getting a pretty white crown but instead, Dr. Johnson put in a gold one without her knowing. After the procedure, they told her she needed to keep her mouth closed for at least 2 hours because “the air could affect the process.” Later that night she got to see the final product! Don’t worry…she thought it was hilarious and of course, he switched out the gold crown for a white one two days later.

So when you come in to see Dr. Johnson, you might be lucky enough to hear a corny joke. His favorite:

Joke: How much do pirates earrings cost?

Answer: A buck an ear!!!

He is generous

“He loves Waco and he gives back to the community.” – Zaleta

Mission Trip to Costa Rica
Dr. Johnson and his staff on their mission trip to Costa Rica.

He created a program called Acres of Smiles. Acres of Smiles implements educational programs and creates networks that will lead communities toward oral healthcare independence. Through this program, once a year, he offers Free Dental Days to the people of Waco. Each year Acres of Smiles hosts complimentary dental work provided by dentists, hygienists, and other volunteers. He also created a program called Dental Dollars. Our Dental Dollars program is designed to provide an alternate way to assist patients with the financial obligations associated with their oral health. Acres of Smiles has teamed up with several volunteer organizations to make this financing option available. You can volunteer your hours at organizations such as Meals on Wheels, Fuzzy Friends Rescue, Compassion Ministries, Happy Endings Dog Rescue, Waco Mission, Habitat Restore, Humane Society of Waco, and the YMCA.  Every hour volunteering equates to dollars towards your dental care. This gives you a way to give back to the community while earning dental care.

He truly cares about his patients

“He has an amazing bedside manner with his patients. He sincerely wants to get to know his patients. He gets to know them by asking them about their day or asking them about their life. And, he remembers! Every time a patient comes in, he knows exactly what to ask them about or talk to them about. He really cares.” – Debra

Dr. Johnson takes his time with each of his patients. He is sure to answer all of their questions and walk them through the process before even starts. He wants his patients to be comfortable. Like our slogan says, “Comfort Like Home” – we really mean it. He installed TV’s above each chair so his patients can watch Netflix while undergoing oral treatment. He offers each patient blankets, ear plugs, neck pillows, sunglasses, earbuds, Chap Stick – whatever will make them more relaxed during their visit.

Dr. Johnson at Acre Wood Dental

So, when you ask yourself, “Who is the best dentist in Waco?” you don’t have to look any further. Dr. Johnson at Acre Wood Dental can take care of all your dental needs. Be sure to come to Acre Wood Dental. We have fresh cookies, complimentary juice and water, and a whole comfort menu you can choose from to make your visit more pleasurable. Dr. Johnson may even tell you joke!

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