If you have missing teeth, you are aware of the hardship it might cause in daily life. You may be missing one or several teeth for various causes, including an accident, a disease, or tooth decay. In the past, many dentists frequently recommended dental bridges or dentures to patients with missing teeth or severely damaged teeth because those were the best options available at the time. These days, our revolutionary dental implants in Waco, Temple, Round Rock, and Gatesville, TX, have proven to be the superior option for replacing missing teeth. But why replace your missing teeth? For one thing, doing so can improve your smile’s look and function. 

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Why Replace Missing Teeth

You might have asked yourself, “Why should I replace my missing teeth?” It’s a great question! Most of the time, people don’t think about replacing missing teeth, especially if they are in the back of the mouth like your molars. Most people believe they don’t need to replace it if they can’t see it. 

Stop Bone Deterioration

You need to replace the missing tooth because there is a higher chance of experiencing bone deterioration, and the teeth surrounding the area have less chance of survival. Several issues can occur if you don’t get the tooth replaced. Your jawbone can weaken or deteriorate whenever a tooth is missing, causing a recessed appearance on your facial structure. Also, the longer a tooth is missing, the more likely your other teeth will shift into the hollow space.

Improve Functionality

A missing tooth can start to cause issues with biting and chewing, which can alter your diet and nutrition. Many studies show missing teeth can lead to TMJ (temporomandibular joint) issues. Also, patients who are missing teeth cannot chew their food correctly, which contributes to digestive problems. Most patients don’t even notice their bite’s slow and subtle change.

Advantages for Dental Implants Over Dentures and Bridges

You have a variety of options for replacing your missing teeth. Furthermore, no one approach works best for every patient or situation. Which tooth replacement option is ideal for you depends on various factors. Regardless of age, almost everyone can succeed with dental implants, which are often the best option. Some of the advantages of dental implants vs. bridges or dentures are:

Longevity: Dental implants can last ten years or longer with proper maintenance because they are durable and permanent.

Integrated: Because the implant was made to match the original tooth’s size, shape, and color, it will seem completely natural next to all the other teeth. The implant crown can usually correct any aesthetic issues the original tooth had.

Function: A dental implant allows for everyday eating and speech because it works like a natural tooth.

Comfort and Ease: Unlike dentures, there is no need for adhesives, rinsing, or removal.

Better Oral Hygiene: Cleaning is more straightforward than most dental bridges and dentures, which can call for threading floss beneath and around the false tooth or improperly brushing your dentures.

Tooth Replacement Studies

For several years, numerous studies have determined the survival rate of teeth that are next to missing tooth spaces. These studies also compared the rate of adjacent tooth loss in cases in which the missing tooth is replaced. They also compare these to other instances where the missing tooth is not replaced. These studies show a significant loss of adjacent teeth if you don’t replace a missing tooth. Here are a few pieces of data that they have found:

VA Medical Center Longitudinal Study, Shugars, Journal of the American Dental Association (1998):

19% of adjacent teeth failed if the space was untreated.

30% failed if we treated the space with a removable partial denture.

10% failed if we treated the space with a tooth-supported bridge.

Teeth Implants in Waco, Texas

It is essential to replace any missing teeth so that the other teeth in your mouth don’t decay or shift. Look no further for teeth replacement in Waco, Temple, Round Rock, and Gatesville, Texas! Whether you choose dental implants or other options like a partial denture or bridge, you must come for a free consultation and discuss the best option. Call Waco’s dental implant expert Dr. Johnson today!

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