The Four Things that Can Affect Your Smile, Cause Tooth Discoloration

Do you want to maintain a white and brilliant smile? If so, then you need to keep some things in mind. The most important fact to remember is that there are certain things in the world today that can stain and discolor your smile without you even realizing it. Those things are:

Dark Foods and Drinks: Coffee, tea, and red wine are beverages that tend to stain your teeth and take the whiteness away from your smile. They have chromogens, which are also known as intense color pigments, that attach to the white, outer shell of your teeth, causing discoloration. Dark foods can also have that effect on your teeth, especially foods like dark berries, certain pasta sauces, and balsamic vinegar.

Tobacco Products: There are two main chemicals in tobacco that cause tooth stains. Those chemicals are tar and nicotine. Tar is naturally dark and nicotine is colorless unless it’s mixed with oxygen. Then, it turns into a surface-staining substance that makes the teeth yellow.

Age: Below the white, tough shell of your teeth (which is also called enamel) is a softer area called dentin. Dentin is naturally yellow. Over time, your enamel will wear away, exposing the dentin underneath. As you age, your smile will turn more and more yellow.

If these things end up changing the color of your smile, then it’s important to know there are things you can do to improve your appearance and return to the white teeth you desire. You can use whitening toothpaste, whitening strips, and whitening gels. But, the safest and most effective whitening option is the professional whitening treatment we offer at [practice_name]. This treatment can quickly whiten your teeth and give you the results you’re looking for.

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