Full-Mouth Dentures in Waco, Temple, Gatesville

Full-Mouth Dentures in Waco, Temple, Gatesville Dental Implants in Waco, Temple, and Gatesville Dentist in Temple, Texas Acrewood Dental dentist in waco texas dentist in Gateville texas dentist in temple texas Dr. Benjamin Johnson

Missing teeth can lead to serious oral health issues and a lack of confidence. All of us at Acre Wood Dental strive to give you a smile that you are proud of. If you miss most of your teeth, one of the best ways to replace them is through full-mouth dentures. Full-mouth dentures have many […]

How Implant Dentistry Can Bring Back Your Smile

Sometimes our patients have to part with one or more of their natural teeth. This is regrettable because the loss of a tooth can affect a person’s self-esteem and have more serious repercussions in the future. Here at Acre Wood Dental, we want you to enjoy a healthy lifestyle, so that means restoring your smile […]