Mouthwash: Say Hello to Your Teeth’s Little Friend…

So you brush and floss your teeth daily and faithfully show up for your biannual teeth cleanings. Your teeth and mouth are pretty happy, but did you know that mouthwash can be a healthy preventative addition to your oral regimen?

The benefits of using mouthwash are plentiful:

The most obvious benefit is better breath. Assuming you keep brushing your teeth (mouthwash isn’t a substitute for a good brushing and flossing!), mouthwash will remove little bits of food particles that can aggravate your gums, not to mention prevent the formation of plaque and tartar that causes gingivitis..

It can soothe inflamed canker sores; especially if you do what Grandma used to recommend, and use salt-water instead of alcohol-based products that can sometimes cause dry mouth.

Mouthwash has a well-deserved reputation for fighting germs, which means the harmful bacteria that accost your teeth will be rinsed down the drain after a good dose of swishing.

If you use a mouthwash with fluoride you will help keep cavities and periodontal disease at bay, which is the point of good oral hygiene.

At Acre Wood Dental, we want to do everything we can to support your dental health. A good mouthwash makes the perfect complement to your excellent tooth brushing and flossing habits. Please don’t hesitate to call any one of our offices if you would like a recommendation for a good mouthwash!

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