Do You Know What a Water Flosser Is?

Do you know what a water flosser is? A water flosser is an interdental device that is crafted to supplement your oral health care treatment using an alternative oral health care treatment method of cleaning between teeth. Water flossers work by using a unique gadget that can spray beams of water at teeth, rather than a thread to scrub between teeth.

Listed below are a few typical facts about water flossers:

– Water flossers, like traditional dental floss, are used to clean between teeth, except the difference is that water flossers use a steady beam of water to wash away plaque buildup and debris.
– Water flossers with the ADA Seal of Acceptance have been shown to successfully wash away plaque buildup and have also been shown to aid in the prevention of gum disease.
– Flossing with water flossers is easier than using ordinary floss, and thus it is highly recommended for individuals that struggle or have difficulty using traditional flossing methods.
– Water flossers may benefit patients with oral treatment services such as orthodontic aligners, dental bridges, dentures, and dental crowns.

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