Dental Hygiene Basics for a Healthy Smile

In order to keep a healthy smile, there are a few habits you need to develop. Many of us learned about these habits when we were children–but it’s a good idea to brush up on your techniques! Let’s cover some at-home dental hygiene basics.


Brush: This one is the easiest to remember: brush your teeth, twice a day, for two minutes each time. Just think “2×2” and you’ll do fine! Use a soft-bristled toothbrush to protect your enamel and gum tissues from damage. Don’t brush too hard, or you can also damage your tissues. Think more “massage” than “scrub.”


Floss: Floss your teeth, every day. This should only take about two to three minutes per session, and it is well worth it. You see, floss cleans the places that your toothbrush has a hard time reaching–in between teeth and behind back molars, for example. It doesn’t matter if you brush first or floss first, as long as you do both.


Mouthwash: Also called mouthrinse, many people choose to include mouthwash in their oral hygiene routine. If you choose to do so, be sure to buy and use what is referred to as “therapeutic” mouthwash–that is, mouthwash that actually kills bacteria, rather than simply masking the scent of bad breath.


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