The Quest of Finding a Cosmetic Dentist Near Me

Do you ever contemplate your smile in photographs or feel self-conscious in public because of your less-than-perfect pearly whites? Well, worry no more! With the rise of cosmetic dentistry, achieving a million-dollar smile is now within reach. You can finally achieve the smile of your dreams near you. If you have been searching for a “cosmetic dentist near me,” Acre Wood Dental in Waco, Gatesville, and Temple, Texas, is the place for you. 

Finding a cosmetic dentist near you no longer has to be daunting. In this article, we will help you on your quest on what to do to find the best cosmetic dentist near you, from qualifications our dentist, Dr. Benjamin Johnson, offers to testimonials our office has received from several happy patients. 

A Qualified Dentist

When looking for a cosmetic dentist near you, the first thing that is essential to look for is the dentist’s credentials. At our office, Dr. Johnson, also known as Dr. J, has been a dentist for over a decade and loves to help his patients restore and enhance their smiles. He strives to help his patients in any way possible and is the best dental implant dentist in Waco and Central Texas. 


At our office, we pride ourselves in knowing our patients are happy with their smiles every time they leave. One of our recent reviews from Fernando ZJ stated, 

“Great experience today. I walked in and was greeted and informed of next steps and any upcoming costs. I didn’t even wait very long before I was escorted to the ops room. Staff was quite friendly. My dental hygienist was extremely helpful and educational ( I learned some things and it motivated to take action). I highly recommend Acre Wood Dental.” 

This is not the only review we have received from happy patients. We genuinely work to offer the best experience with complete transparency on your treatment options and billing. You can read a broad spectrum of reviews to develop an overall sense of Dr. J’s reputation and the experiences of other patients. 

Procedures Offered

In the realm of dental treatments we offer at our office, our cosmetic dentist, Dr. J, provides the following:

  1. Dental Implants: Dental implants offer a long-lasting solution to missing teeth, providing a robust and natural-looking replacement. Dr. J is the best dental implant dentist in Waco, Texas, and can help restore and enhance your smile. 
  2. Dental Bonding: Dental bonding is a standard procedure for repairing chipped, discolored, or slightly decayed teeth, improving appearance and functionality. 
  3. Teeth Whitening: Teeth whitening is an easy and quick method to enhance your smile, eliminating stains caused by food, drinks, or smoking habits. 
  4. All-on-5 Dental Implants: All-on-5 dental implants are an innovative technique that provides full-arch rehabilitation with only five implants, a more cost-effective and efficient solution than traditional full-mouth restoration methods.

Our cosmetic dentist does not have a portfolio of before and after photos on our main website. However, as you scroll through our services, you will see various photographs of patients we have helped, all showing their dazzling and happy smiles and the results of their treatment. Dr. J and his team are experienced and can help you achieve a smile just like our past patients and help you be proud of your smile once more. 

Cosmetic Dentist Near Me

Looking for a cosmetic dentist near you no longer has to be stressful when Acre Wood Dental is there for you with our excellent dentist and his team. From our multiple five-star reviews to the qualifications Dr. J offers, we can ensure a positive experience as you get the treatment necessary to enhance your smile. Remember, cosmetic dentistry is all about improving your appearance, and the key to achieving the perfect smile is trusting the right dentist. 

Please schedule a consultation with Dr. J today and learn what cosmetic dentistry in Waco, Temple, Round Rock, and Gatesville can do for you! 

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