Full-Mouth Dentures in Waco, Temple, Gatesville

Missing teeth can lead to serious oral health issues and a lack of confidence. All of us at Acre Wood Dental strive to give you a smile that you are proud of. If you miss most of your teeth, one of the best ways to replace them is through full-mouth dentures. Full-mouth dentures have many benefits, but they can significantly improve your speaking and eating abilities. If you are interested in full-mouth dentures, please give us a call! We would love to get you started on the process right away!

What are Full-Mouth Dentures?

Our full-mouth dentures in Waco, Temple, Round Rock, and Gatesville, Texas, are a complete set of permanent artificial teeth. Dentures are made with arches that hold prosthetic teeth and gums. We permanently place them into your mouth; the arches will fully support your jaw bone. The support lets you keep your jaw bone strong and stop it from deteriorating. With dentures, you can once again eat and speak properly. Full-mouth dentures will give you a facelift, so your facial muscles no longer sag.

Today, there are many different options when it comes to replacing teeth. Acre Wood Dental will assure you that dentures are the right choice for you. Permanent dentures with dental implants are the most realistic option.

What is the Permanent Denture Procedure?

Permanent dentures take a while to be complete. The first step of the process is consultation. We want to ensure that your jaw and remaining teeth are healthy enough to support the dentures. We will take digital X-rays and impressions of your mouth to make the dentures to your exact specifications. We first create a model, then a form, and test it to make sure it will fit your mouth correctly. Then we will cast the final denture. When you come back for a final fitting, we can make necessary last-minute adjustments.

When you first start wearing your dentures, they may feel a little unusual. It is usual to feel sensitivity and even soreness as your mouth adjusts. You may also notice that your saliva increases, but none of these symptoms should last long. With time, your mouth adapts, and you won’t even feel them in your mouth. Your permanent dentures are made to look completely natural. No one will know that you have dentures, including yourself!

With dentures, you can once again eat all of your favorite foods. However, it may take some time to get used to eating. We recommend starting with soft foods and small bites. As you get used to it, you can begin to branch out with the different foods you can eat. With time, you should be able to eat all of your favorite foods again!

Because dentures are permanent, it makes practicing regular hygiene very easy! You can still take care of your smile, and you can easily clean your full-mouth dentures. There are different ways to clean your dentures, and we will make sure you understand all of your options so you know what is best for you. Keeping your dentures clean is very important. Never forget to clean your full-mouth dentures. They act just like your regular teeth, and you should brush them the same.

At each of your bi-yearly visits, we will check up on your permanent dentures and make any needed adjustments. Outside of that, if you ever run into any issues, please let us know! We will have you in for a quick appointment to make things more comfortable for you.

If you are interested in full-mouth or complete dentures or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us! All of us at Acre Wood Dental are here to serve you! 

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